Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family & Friends Gather at the Shop-Lots of Customers too!

Some ladies got together and "built a quilt" for a young friend of the community who has had some troubling times.

Eileen made the neatest blue/yellow Turning Twenty Quilt and we snapped a photo.

Quilter Vicky brought by the coolest "pen bouquet" that she made for the shop as a thank you. Is that a wonder or what?

Emily (seated) and sisters gathered round for a photo at the shop.

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QuilterPeg said...

Hi from Lebanon Oregon. I reconize many friends in your photos. The shop looks wonderful and looks big enough to handle many neat quilting get-togethers and classes.

I heard from my friend Linda that she got to meet Maribeth when she stopped at the shop. Linda is a neat lady I met in a JoAnn's store. Of course, I had to talk up quilting and our guild and she showed up the next week for our Wednesday Ladies quilting afternoon.

My basement is a nice cool place to sew during all this hot weather we have been having. It was about 97 degrees today!

We are in the process of organizing our annual quilt show which is October 19 and 20th. We did two other quilt shows this spring and summer and then also did two bed turnings. You know me, the idea person who makes us all lots of work! We have a bunch of great ladies!

You have some beautiful quilts in your photos. Can you believe, I'm actually hand quilting a Nancy Chong 2 fabric applique that I hand appliqued!

If any of you find yourself in my neighborhood, give me a call. We have lots of room and would enjoy having visitors. I will email a few pictures from our up coming quilt show.
Hope to see you someday soon.

Love Peggy