Friday, May 27, 2011



What’s that? Two different colors of fabric will be on sale for 20% off each day!

When? This Friday, May 28th, Sat., May 29th, Monday, May 30th and Tuesday, May 31st!

Please stop in to see which colors will be on sale each day, (you can call also).Colors will not be announced ahead of time.

Don’t miss this incredible sale, all fabric store-wide is included, even the brand new arrivals!

Exceptions: Any fabric already on sale.

Speaking of brand new arrivals, we have a LOT of it. We just got a huge shipment of Moda, which includes a ton of fabric and new patterns and new notions, as well as 2 beautiful new bolts of Ty Pennington polar fleece, and if you haven't been in for a few weeks, we have lots of new Alaskana fabrics. You should see the new Black, White and Bright Green prints we have - they are so cool, and we have a bunch of new baby flannel, too.

Also, today, we got in a few Barbara Lavallee "Kuspuks by the yard" tote bags, that will go fast, as well as some fun "Kuspuks by the yard" t-shirts. Hurry and get them before the tourists do!!

We got in the second pattern of our own Gayle Eastwood's Alaska Lighthouse series. We now have Five Finger Lighthouse, and Point Retreat Lighthouse. Come in and see the samples - you'll want to make your own! There will be more on the way.

Since it's such a busy time of year, the only class we have coming up is the Turning Twenty (just got better) class with Marcia on the 4th of June. It's very beginner friendly and uses the very hip Kaffe Fassett fabrics (if you so choose).

We hope you are all enjoying this gorgeous weather, but still finding a little time to quilt!

Welcome to the Calico Cow

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