Sunday, May 17, 2009

Party with Patrick??

Hey everyone,

Are you ready to Party with Patrick?? Actually, party without Patrick for now, but he says he's coming in August or September. If you don't know, he's a famous fabric and pattern designer. Have you ever seen the applique' with big round baby faces? That Patrick.So, once a month, we'll be partying! Patrick provides the theme, the pattern for the project, the recipes, etc.

This month will be on May19th - that's THIS Tuesday, so get ready, and let us know if you can make it. It's only $10, for all that! This month is get ready for those June weddings - a table mat that can be used under the cake, or on the gift table.

Actually you could make it in any color, or since it has hearts, you could be ahead of the game for Valentines day!

Here's what you need:
First of all, make and wear the craziest bridal veil you can think of (we probably wouldn't kick you out if you don't have one, though). We pick the best one, and turn it in to Patrick, and that person gets entered to win a prize from Patrick.

Check out if you want to see what Patrick is all about!
Background: 21 X 21" square
Fat quarters or scraps of pinks for hearts and leaves, light pink and dark pink
Backing and batting: 22 X 22" square of each
Fusible web
Thread for quilting and satin stitching

We don't have a sample made, but you can see a picture of it on Monday or Tuesday.
We won't be actually teaching the class, just facilitating, or if you want, just get the pattern and do it later.

Since this is our first one, we'll be flexible to see how it goes!I'll send another email later about the Tom Durham classes on the weekend of the 30th.Hope to see you on Tuesday!!

Call the shop if you have any questions.

Welcome to the Calico Cow

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