Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tom Durham Brings Class to Calico Cow

Hello, this is Ruby-a quilter and Delta resident who loves going to the Calico Cow classes. Well, here's a picture of 3 generations with Papa Durham in tow. He originates from Kentucky but they moved to CA to acquire better teaching opportunities. Tom is a 47-year career retired teacher/administrator from California. He's also dad to 1 daughter and 2 sons, Dave (who was our wonderful banker for years) and Jeff (Soil and Water main "go-to guy" and community leader). Tom also has a wife, Lois, whom we didn't get to meet but heard all about as he explained "what to do with my hands" once I tried to quit smoking.

The solution, was to crochet and sew. Remember, men are great tailors too! I also recall hearing that many a football players picked up needlepoint to do on the road and increase finger dexterity. My father hooked rugs when he quit smoking and I have one in my spare bathroom downstairs. So, Tom quilted. Some of his inspiration comes from his mother's quilts whom she got from her great grandmother. He was generous enough to do a "trunk show" and it was FABULOUS! A rare treat and I am so happy that I was able to see and treasure the time and inspiration.

3 generations of Durhams and I thank them all for their efforts, the slides, quilts, talk and humor that was a family love of an artwork hopefully never forgotten. Way to go Calico Cow! What fun we had and a memorable time of sharing.

Welcome to the Calico Cow
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