Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fused Morley J Moose III - How to Applique

Shana's Morley

Learned something new by using this method of appliqueing pieces together on the ironing board, on a pressing sheet (the commercial kind). You will overlap each piece onto the other and then press it together like a puzzle. IMPORTANT: When cool, peel entire unit from pressing sheet and place on background fabric. It should now be one complete unit which makes it easy to lay on background fabric. Press design onto the background fabric by using an up and down motion with a medium iron for about 8-10 seconds in any one spot. Thank you, Paula, for your expertise!

How to Applique Starts with the Basics of Tracing, Fusing Fabric and Cutting...

What it takes to learn how to applique. Make the quilting block give up it's secrets.

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